Hey again, I'm Justin Matsnev and I'm an iOS engineer and product designer.

I like turning ideas in my head from nothing into something with some sketching and a little bit of code (or a lot). The best part is I always learn something new. I enjoy finding problems and figuring out solutions that can make someone's life just a bit easier — even if it's my own.

I graduated from Penn State University studying Design and Development with a minor in Cyber Security.

I like to travel as much as possible and have had the oppurtunity to work and live in Palo Alto, San Francisco, Tokyo, Miami and back home in Philadelphia.
I also lived in Barcelona for a few months and had the chance to explore Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and Netherlands.
More recently, I worked remotely and lived in Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia for a duration of four months.

I'm hungry to learn, eager to build, and always seeking to colloborate with others.

I'm interested in building all sorts of things. If you'd like to chat, hear more about myself,
or need something built feel free to reach out @ jmatsnev